Corrupting Mist

Down the Sewers

The party returned from the swamp to have a rest at the inn. When they awoke, Arla stated she wanted to go to the market to get supplies and asked for people to come with her. Raki stated that he wished to visit some of his relatives and left while the rest of the party went with Arla.

While exploring the magic shop, Epsilon was approached by a woman that asked if he’d like to fight in the arena. He said sure and followed her to the arena’s secret entrance where he attempted to register for the arena. Feeling it was too expensive, he began to leave to gather up his companions, but then an eladrin woman dressed in a dress of red yelled at him from a crowd of people gathering in the lobby. “You have the Mark of Azerus and I do not recognize you!”

Epsilon shrugged this off and decided to continue on the way, when the woman decided to stab at Epsilon with her greatspear. The greatspear seemed that it was going to hit when a barrier of force was created between the spear and Epsilon’s body, slowing her thrust and reducing the damage Epsilon took.

“Now now, save the fighting for the arena.” A tall, slender, eladrin man stepped out from the crowd, his arm outstretched towards the two fighters. “HA, Two vs One now, I’ll kill you both!” The woman yelled as a layer of frost covered her body and clothes. The two double teamed the woman, and once it looked like she was going to lose, she disappeared and reappeared near the exit of the lobby. “Gehhh, I’ll get you later!” She yelled as she rushed away from the fight.

The eladrin man then introduced himself as Ward and wished to talk to Epsilon and any of his companions about the group in red. Epsilon agreed and began directing him back to the market place.

Meanwhile, the party had their own troubles. While in the marketplace, men wearing red robes began attacking the rest of the party. The party dealt with them quickly and then began investigating their equipment to see if they could find any information.

Eventually, guards had arrived on the scene and decided to take the party away to the jails so that they could be questioned. Ward and Epsilon came upon this scene in which Ward asked that the guards escort Epsilon as well and take them directly to interrogation. After a momentary wait, Ward met everyone inside the room and began asking the party what they knew about the men in red that they killed. The party knew nothing while Epsilon threw around the name Azerus.

Ward thanked them for their time and then asked what they were in town for. Arla mentioned the poetry books and Ward, being interested, said he saw the book at the White Lots Academy in the city. He escorted the group to the academy building but the main gates were closed, the guards at the gate explained it is exam time and no one is allowed to enter.

With luck seeming to be against the party, Ward said he could get everyone in another way and asked them to meet him at the market square after nine. The party did meet him and he took them to the sewers to travel the underground to the academy. They fought with some of the monsters in the sewers and eventually came to the base of the crystal, a magic circle surrounding it. Ward was shocked, and when he went to investigate it, arrows rained down on him. Men in red were hiding around the corner, ready to kill their intruders.

The battle ended in victory for the players, Ward began wondering what the circle is for. The party explained that the men in red used a ritual to destroy the crystal in Eryl. Ward said this would likely be a problem but since they were close to the academy he’d take the party there first. On their way, they had a comical battle with a monster called “Squiggly” in which a shifter razorclaw calling herself Taorara appeared to help fight the Squiggly. After the battle, she took food from Drofxo and ran off to hit an underground telephone pole then continued running down the path as the pole disappeared.

The party then continued down the sewer path and ended up at the entrance to the academy. Ward prepared a sleep spell for the students in the quad and then had the party enter the area, explaining that as long as they don’t try to stick out, they should be fine wandering the academy, armed or not. He then left the party to conduct other business telling them they could simply leave through any gate. The party copied down the necessary information from the book and then left the academy to hear what Arla had to say about the prophecy.

The party returned to the inn as Arla began translating the prophecy line:
“With Crystal in hand, venture the mist.”
She then began explaining how each volume number of the poetry books is linked to a specific line number in the prophecy and explained this was line 5. She then read off each of the lines in order, stating their individual lines. These lines can be found here. Asking for the book they found at the thieves’ guild, she then stated that line:
“Hearts filled with lies.”

The party then called her out on this, in which she explained why she is on the journey.



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