Corrupting Mist

End of the tower- a new adventure awaits

The players stood before the huge tower, the tower guardians destroyed. As Raki walked towards the tower’s entrance he looked to his right and in a large snow bank a huge pencil rested. Raki yelled “A magical pencil! Let’s kill it!” so the party began wailing on the huge level 15 pencil. Linthalor licked the pencil, giving him splinters, Raki attempted burning it, and found that it was immune to fire. The party decided to come back later to destroy the monstrous pencil another day and harvest it’s free EXP.

After the party entered the tower, they noticed everything was covered in a layer of frost. They began exploring the ground floor when they came across a fireplace that flickered with a cold blue fire. Drofxo Investigated it with an Arcana check and found that it had a tiny portal leading to the elemental chaos. ε decided to destroy the fireplace, and after the rumble fell, the portal had been destroyed.

The party then decided to look in other rooms for more of these fireplaces, but when they walked towards the briefing room, a huge icicle from the stairway beside them flew down and hit Drofxo. They looked up, seeing an ice warrior with another icicle in his hand yelling in Primordial “We arr the ice pirates, ye be plundering ‘r treasure!” Drofxo sighed as he looked towards the fireplaces in the next room. An ice warrior had walked out of each, carrying a similar icicle but holding them more like swords unlike the one above the stairs.

The party began fighting, but more ice warriors, all wearing pirate bandannas, continued to come from the fireplaces, so the party walked around the first floor, destroying the fireplaces before they get swarmed. The battle ended in victory, having the party begin wearing the bandannas. They explored the tower’s 2nd floor this time, finding some gold, alchemical reagents, and a elevator made of force magic that leads to the 3rd floor.

They traveled up and found that this floor was the warlocks private chambers. Drofxo opened a drawer of a desk in the center of one of the rooms and had it explode on him. Inside was a diary, unaffected by the cold or the explosion. The party began looking through it, reading that the warlock had been researching a dead god named “Karsus” and how he was going to resurrect the god and rain evil upon the world. He continued and said how a messenger of the fey had told him to lay off for his research was affecting the nearby forest and he refused. It appears though that they did eventually come for him, for he is no longer here in the tower and the fey may be the ones that froze the tower.

The party continued and found a secret door by the bed, upon entering they found a large bookcase. The party investigated and did find the poetry book they were looking for, frozen in ice. Drofxo used prestidigitation to thaw the book so that they could start using it. Inside this room was another platform of force that led upwards, presumably to the roof.

The party boarded the platform, reaching the roof where they realized the tower’s ice encasement was in the shape of a prism, the different lights sparkled all over the roof top. At the center of the roof was a large sapphire that floated in the air, on the ground below a magic circle with words in primordial. Drofxo examined it, realizing it indeed is the focus for this magical storm. The party backed up as Epsilon began to take his ax and swing it at the crystal to shatter it. As he hit, he was launched backwards as the gem made a brilliant blue glow. It launched a bolt of cold away from the party as a huge monster appeared before them. The party began fighting the monster’s cold wind and eventually killed the monster, destroying the crystal along with it. The storm outside died down as the party celebrated another victory.

The party returned to Arla, who was still in Ylva, and gave her the book. She mentioned the mayer of the town was asking if the party did take any of the warlock’s notes and if they did to go see her. There, they met Lady Sunfire, who seemed anxious to learn what they had discovered. The party showed her the diary of the warlock and in turn she offered the party 600 gp to take the book off their hands. The party accepted and returned to Arla.

She mentioned that it would be best if they continued for she just received a message from Alona detailing where the next location is. Alona is also going to Altria to plead for help in finding the prophecy books for it seems the prophecy may cause harm and if they an find the prophecy faster then they may be able to prepare better.

The party then immmediately left for Tregrath, a mid point to their destination, Yeovil. Here, they found information that at Yeovil there have been a lot of thefts going on and to be careful. When they arrived at Yeovil the next day, the party was sent to the library. There, they discovered the library had been robbed. Asking how it happened, the libararian said that guards were positioned at the library and she’s not sure how thieves could have stolen so many books. The party decided they must find the thieves so that they can retrieve the book and be on their way.



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