Corrupting Mist

It's Cold!

After the introductions, the campaign stated with the PCs waking with the destroyed Eryl surrounding them. Arla had awoken them and the PCs decided they should begin their search for it seemed that it would be best if they started soon. Alona gave the party a briefing on the next mission and sent the party off to Ylva while she went to deal with other business. Her assistant, Arla, instead traveled with the group so that she may help the PCs.

The party made their way to Ylva where Arla told the PCs that they needed to find information on Draken, the Eladrin Warlock that apparently held the book they are searching for. The party then found out the Wizard lived 20 years ago and lives in a tower beyond the forest to the south. They also learned that it was abnormally cold lately and they had even experienced snow not long ago. The PCs ignored it and continued south to find the warlock’s tower.

As they traveled, they found parts of the forest were frozen and as they reached the end of the forest, a huge blizzard had started. Arla said they may as well turn back for now for it was getting late and there would be no way for them to tell how long the trek through the blizzard would take.

The next day, the party returned to the edge of the forest without Arla, she had been too cold, and again encountered the harsh winds and blowing snow of the blizzard. They decided to travel through the storm anyway and once the blizzard stopped they could see the tower just in the distance.

As they traveled to the tower, frost touched goblins had ambushed the party and they had a battle where the team almost got wiped out. After the battle and many healing abilities consumed, the party continued to the tower to find that it was completely encased in ice. ε and the human artificer, Raki, begin breaking apart the ice, while the others sat back. Once they broke through, Epsilon touched the door which activated the trap.

Stone statues that lined the path to the entrance of the tower began to move and attack the PCs. This battle was a fair amount easier from the last and the party took care of all the enemies swiftly. The game ended there, with the players in front of the large doors of the tower.



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