Corrupting Mist

Mysteries of Arla

As the players slept, Epsilon decided to scout ahead to find where they will go while the party will go once they awaken. He eventually found a town, so once the party awoke he suggested that they go there.

Once they arrived, they recognized the place as Yeovil, the town where all the thefts had occurred. Once there, they informed the guards where the thieves’ guild was located, returned some books to the librarian, and went to the bar to find Arla for the bar seems to be her favorite meeting spot.

Once there, Raki wished to get a non-alcoholic drink, in which they replied that water was all that was available. He asked for some lemon to put in the water. When the bartender asked why, Drofxo yelled because he was homosexual. Flustered, Raki said he wasn’t and ordered some Ail instead.

Searching the bar, they realized Arla was no where to be found, so Drofxo asked the bartender if he saw her. He told them that guards had taken a woman that sounded like the description they gave out of town towards Argath. The Players then decided to go off to the city of Argath and see if they could find Arla.

Once there, they decided to hit the prisons for they had been informed she was taken there by the guards at the entrance to the city. They traveled to the jail, and once there, were informed that she had been taken away by a government official along with some warforged. Some guards from the city accompanied them and they headed towards the north gate. The team then asked the guards at the gate if they had seen where the men took Arla so they pointed towards the forest a couple miles away.

The party then traversed the forest which turned out to be a marsh filled with some dangerous creatures. They decided to follow some footprints they noticed in the wet ground, hoping that these were the ones that the group with Arla had used. eventually, once they came to a clearing with some sink holes, a voice resounded in Epsilon’s head, telling him to trust it. Epsilon’s body then began moving on its own as it found the path that was safest across the sinkholes.

Eventually, Epsilon again had stopped where he was as a sudden pain came from his head. The voice responded again, “your close, but stop where you are.” Which Epsilon took its heed. Linthalor then heard some talking up ahead and decided to investigate. He hid behind some trees to see what the talking was about as he saw Arla talking to a man in a long black trench coat. They seemed to be arguing, but talking in a relatively calm manner.

“You know you shouldn’t have left, now what did you do with the warforged?” The man in black asked Arla. Arla replied but her response wasn’t heard in which the man replied “If you won’t tell me the truth, then I’ll just have you fed to the animals here.”
As the man turned to walk away, Arla piped up “I know where Delta is.” The man turned back to her, as the two began whispering to each other.

From here, the man turned away from Arla, “I’ll let you carry on then, I hope you are right.” He then walked to a clearing as he motioned the two warforged on guard to come with him. They followed in which the man reached into a pouch, throwing something faint to the ground, in which a magic circle surrounded him beneath his feet. Within seconds, he fell through, the portal vanishing as the two warforged followed behind.

“Come,” the voice told Epsilon he being compelled to act on this. The players met with Linthalor who told them what he had heard from the conversation and who was up ahead. The team then met with Arla confronting her about the conversation.

Arla revealed that she was part of an experiment that involved giving sentience to warforged. This was a social taboo for most knew that warforged actions were controlled by people but if warforged were to gain sentience the common people may not like that. But sentience was necessary for the team wanted to explore the boundary in which only a warforged would be able to do. She was being chased because she left the project and wasn’t supposed to.

When questioned why she left, she said that it was because her sister, Alona, found the prophecy books and she wanted to help her sister. In the end, the party felt that she was a liar, a really bad one at that, but decided to let it slide.

Then a loud roar came from within the forest. The party turned to look towards the roar’s origin to find a black dragon flying towards the party. The party slew the dragon and relished their first dragon slaying. Now the party heads back to Argath for safety from the coming mist.



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