Corrupting Mist

Thieves Ho!

This week, the players had left off at the library and decided to ask around town to find out about the thieves that seem to be stealing from this town. The party spoke to the guard that was on duty while guarding the library and then a bartender who told them to go to a cellar in a part of town. Once they entered, poison gas fills the room having all the PCs fall asleep.

When they awoke, the players found themselves in individual cells, stripped of their gear. Looking around, they noticed no guards were in the room while the keys hung on a wall, thus Drofxo began using prestidigitation to create mirrors and look around hallways in order to make sure there were no thieves around. He then used mage hand to steal the keys and get everyone out of their individual cells.

The party then began navigating themselves through the underground cavern of the thieves’ guild to find their items, loot the thieves, and kill them so that their thieving would end, oh and the thieves were going to sacrifice the party to Zehir and thus were going to attack them anyway which could add to the reason of killing but I think they’re just hypocrites since they stole from the guild.

After searching the cavern, they eventually came upon a group of soldiers talking about Zehir. Raki told the group that he would try impersonating a guard they had killed previously, and thus went back to find a guard. He then used his changeling ability to morph into the man and returned to the group claiming he is an expert with his disguise kit. Raki then spoke to the guards to find where the books from the library were stored, and upon finding them, the guards eventually went to attack the others after finding them while walking through the cavern. He called for help and the PCs found themselves in a battle.

After taking out the guards, Raki, who left his book investigation to help the players fight, returned to his searching. He eventually found the book, so as he went to continue through the cavern, he passed a doorway. A bolt flew at him, hitting him in the chest, and as he turned to wards the opening, he saw many of the thieves ready with crossbows.

Raki claimed innocence since he was still disguised as a guard, and in turn a man in robes with the symbol of Zehir adorned on the front, walked into view. He yelled at Raki saying “Why must you disobey your blood, brother?” The man then motioned at the guards saying “Kill him, he’s beyond saving,” as the guards readied their crossbows again.

Confused, Raki yelled “but I’m one of your men! Why must you attack me?”
The man turned around, “Our guards are instructed to return immediately after an invasion has been resolved, yet you remained behind. It was easy to tell that you aren’t who you say you are.” he then walked away, talking to the biggest of the guards saying that they should dispose of the trespassers, they are not worth sacrificing.

A battle then began as Raki was struck by the tall man. After looking closely, he realized it was the face of the guard they had interrogated in town. The rest of the party came out of hiding to help Raki. Drofxo had managed to seal the rest of the guards in the room with his pillar of storm so that they all could take on the guard by themselves.

After finishing them all off, they noticed some, such as the library guard, had changed their forms after being defeated, reverting into people with bodies that were grey and featured no nose. Drofxo identified them as the changelings of myth in which Raki revealed that he was also a changeling. Epsilon seemed shocked while Drofxo had suspected it since he took the form of the thief not long ago. Turning to Linthalor, Raki asked his thoughts in which Lint decided to give him a lick.

They all decided to check the rest of the cavern, in which they found the exit lied at the edge of a forest. Judging by the sun’s position, they decided to camp at the thieve’s guild for it had a crystal to protect from the mist’s effects.



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