Genasi Wizard


Ability Scores: 00 Str, 00 Con, 00 Dex, 00 Int, 00 Wis, 00 Cha

Defenses: 00 AC, 00 Fort, 00 Ref, 00 Will

Movement: 00 Speed

Trained Skills:

At-Will Powers:

Encounter Powers:

Daily Powers:



Drofxo grew up in the town of Eryl as a student at the university in the town. He hasn’t seen his parents since they left him at the university and all he has to remember them by is a pendant they gave him before they took off. Drofxo hasn’t really questioned where his parents left to for he didn’t care for things like that, the books in the university kept him amused. The professors didn’t bother him often for he’d keep to himself.

Once, thieves had broken into the university and had taken him hostage when they were caught. After that event Drofxo swore that he would learn to protect himself and began training his body so that he may defend himself when others attack.

As he grew older, he found he had an affinity for thunder and lightning spells. His training lead to him nearly excluding all other spells from his studies so that he may gain a mastery of thunder and lightning.

Before the adventure started

You stand in front of the university doors, ready to leave the university to go off on your own. You pick up your backpack and head for the town center to arrange for a horse so you may travel in the morning. Passing by the crystal, you notice a large crowd gathering. You continue to walk for the stable but the music playing interests you.

You sigh, “This is a waste of time,” you think to yourself so you continue towards the stable. A man in red then bumps into you, you say you’re sorry but then he begins to run as you realize the pendant around your next was missing. Instantly, you run towards the man that bumped into you. You ready a thunder wave spell, forgetting there are others around you. As you concentrate on the spell, you bump into a woman and both of you are knocked to the ground as the thunder wave spell is released haphazardly.

You then yell, “stop, thief!” as the man in red runs off in the direction with the other minstrels in red. “They all must be working together,” anger wells inside you as you ready to sprint towards your enemies.

Just then, you hear the woman you’ve knocked over yell “they’ve cast a powerful destruction ritual!” then pulling out a dagger and outlines a doorway in the air before her as the dagger creates a glowing trail. You decide to look towards the ritual and attempt to identify it, but it seems to be too powerful for you to properly realize what it is. You then feel a hand grab your arm as you are pulled through the door of light.

Turning around, you see others jump in, a woman, then a warforged, followed by an elf and a human. You notice that you can see all that was outside, as a huge explosion engulfs where the crystal stood. You reactively cover your eyes to protect them as the explosion passes over you, knocking you down along with the rest of the group. After the smoke around the invisible box you are in clears, you notice the entire town has been destroyed. The people and the crystal that were once in the town center had been annihilated with the blast.

“How… horrible,” One person speaks up, you look around you and notice everyone is as stunned as you are. Moments later, the mist is making its way through the town. Some panic, but a woman immediately calms them down and says we’d be okay while in this room for nothing can enter it. Some screams are heard in the distance, the few survivors that are now succumbing to the effects of the mist.

“A night sky full of cries,” the woman in the dark pink outfit says, as she lowers her head into her hands and makes a heavy sigh.

“Excuse me, but what just happened?” you ask, hoping someone can answer.

“People destroyed the town with a ritual,” one of the women said bluntly, “Now may I ask, who are you?”

You apologize and introduce yourself as everyone else subsequently gives their own introductions.

“Well it’s good that you jumped in when you did, you would have been part of the ruin out there” Arla sighs.

“What was that about `a night sky full of cries’?” you ask Alona, the woman that said it earlier.

She looks up to you and says, “it is part of a prophecy I am trying to find pieces of,” she pauses for a moment, “and we’re in the middle of it.”

Someone then speaks up, “what does the prophecy state?”

“The prophecy is broken up into pieces and hidden amongst books. So far I only have “A night sky full of cries” and “Those who’ve joined search the land.” The rest of the lines have to be found.” She pauses, and looks at the five others in the room. “I was hoping I’d have more time so that I may find more help, but will you all help me find the books so that we may use the prophecy and protect our world? It seems to for tell destruction and I do not wish for this land to be destroyed.”

A silence fills the room, as everyone looks at each other. The other woman speaks up, “Well you’ve got me, Alona,” Arla cheerfully speaks up.

You pause for a second. A powerful prophecy? This could get you into the history books! Oh and the people that took your pendant seem to be related to the prophecy so you could get that back too, I guess. But you could be famous! “I’m in!” You then realize the others had already joined and your sudden burst of excitement surprised the others.

“Then it’s decided, we set out at dawn!”


Corrupting Mist Shrubbery