Warforged Fighter


Ability Scores: 18 Str, 16 Con, 13 Dex, 10 Int, 14 Wis, 8 Cha

Defenses: 16 AC, 16 Fort, 11 Ref, 13 Will

Movement: 5 Speed

Trained Skills: 10 Athletics, 9 Endurance, 6 Intimidate

At-Will Powers: Crushing Surge, Footwork Lure

Encounter Powers: Warforged Resolve, Insightful Strike

Daily Powers: Knee Breaker



From what he can remember, he had been fighting for his master forever. Fighting in the underground arena of Argath, he’s killed many and earned much wealth for his owner.

Eventually, something snapped in him. He decided something was wrong with what he was doing, but because he had no choice but to fight he was forced to stay in the arena. Eventually, he decided to ease his conscience by knocking out opponents over killing them.

Bringing less entertainment because he now preferred to knock out his competition, it didn’t last for more than a month before the arena hosts had him killed instead to bring the audience back.

Before the adventure

The light of day blinds you as you open your eyes. “The sun… but… how? I thought for sure I was killed, wait, how did I die?” You pause for a moment to search your hazy memories. “Fighting in the arena is all I can remember,” you lift yourself up, and look at your arm, the number 0027 followed by the letter “ε” (Epsilon). “Right, master wasn’t thrilled with names,” you get up, apparently you had been tossed into a dumpster, and decide to leave the alleyway.

You walk out to the street, people look at you with fear, but you ignore it, they have always given you those eyes whenever you left the arena with the master. “The master? If I died, and he left, that means I’m free to do as I please,” you think to yourself. “No more killing for sport, no more crowds that cheer for bloodshed, I’m free!” You give a small cheer to yourself but then drop to your knees as a flash of pain goes through your head.

“Use your power to protect, you have an important mission towards the south.” A voice is heard within your head.

“Protect?” You hadn’t considered fighting as an option moments ago, you were kind of sick of the bloodshed, but it definitely sounds better than being a baker or joining a trade. You think to yourself that it sounds like a good idea and decide you will do as the voice heeds without questioning it.

As you wander the streets trying to find your way around, you see a familiar person up ahead. You aren’t sure where you recognize him from, and then another flash of pain, causing you to drop to your knees. You try to stir up your memories but they just don’t seem to be of use. The crowd around you stares at you in shock as you hold your head and attempt to remember the man’s face. He walks over to you with his bodyguard as you quickly stand and swing your arm to the ground in rage. The face then registers as you recognize him as your master.

You panic, “what if he wants me back, what if he brings me back to that arena! No,” you back away from the man, ready to run. He then snaps his fingers as he tells his friend to give him the ax he carried.

He says calmly, “Take that ax and train. Then maybe you’ll be able to face this bruiser.” He gives you a fierce look as he walks away.

“Was he… humoring me?” You then look to your side and notice a calendar. It’s been a year and a half since you’ve been dead, “or does he no longer recognize me?” The master, did seem to have a new fighter, and did suggest that I return. “Bah, I will not return to that arena and will use this chance to leave.” You pick up the great ax, it was a similar to the one you wielded while you fought in the arena, nice of him to give it to you.

Remembering the voice from before, you head south, training with the ax along the way. It seems you’ve grown rusty, in both the literal and metaphoric sense, for the training you had endured before seems to have left you. You pick up supplies in the towns that you pass through, and eventually make it to the town of Eryl.

It’s late and you’ve entered the town while the mist has already filled the world with its corrupting taint. As you walk through the gate with great ax stowed on your back, you look around for somewhere to rest and charge for the night. Suddenly, another flash of pain surges through your head as you drop to a knee. It’s the voice again and it tells you to walk to the crystal, which your body obeys instinctively. You wonder how this is possible, how is it that you know exactly where to go?

You reach a crowd that surrounds the crystal. The crash of thunder is heard behind you as some men in red near the crystal’s base start to flee. You then notice a magic circle was drawn out around the crystal that begins to release a brilliant glow.

“They’ve cast a powerful destruction ritual!”

“Get in!”

Voices behind you yell as the voice in your head yells for you to grab the man beside you and turn around. You obey it’s wish and immediately grab the man’s arm and run towards the glowing door behind you. You see an elf with a bow standing in the way and instinctively grab him too as you pull both through the door with you.

Turning around, you notice that you can see all that was outside, as a huge explosion engulfs where the crystal stood. You reactively cover your eyes to protect them as the explosion passes over you, knocking you down along with the rest of the group. After the smoke around the invisible box you are in clears, you notice the entire town has been destroyed. The people and the crystal that were once in the town center had been annihilated with the blast.

“How… horrible,” One person speaks up, you look around you and notice everyone is as stunned as you are. Moments later, the mist is making its way through the town. Some panic, but a woman immediately calms them down and says we’d be okay while in this room for nothing can enter it. Some screams are heard in the distance, the few survivors that are now succumbing to the effects of the mist.

“A night sky full of cries,” the woman in the dark pink outfit says, as she lowers her head into her hands and makes a heavy sigh.
“What just happened?” you ask, hoping someone can answer.

“People destroyed the town with a ritual,” one of the women said bluntly, “Now may I ask, who are you?”

You apologize and introduce yourself as everyone else subsequently gives their own introductions.

“Well it’s good that you jumped in when you did, you would have been part of the ruin out there” Arla sighs.

“What was that about `a night sky full of cries’?” you ask Alona, the woman that said it earlier.

She looks up to you and says, “it is part of a prophecy I am trying to find pieces of,” she pauses for a moment, “and we’re in the middle of it.”

Someone then speaks up, “what does the prophecy state?”

“The prophecy is broken up into pieces and hidden amongst books. So far I only have “A night sky full of cries” and “Those who’ve joined search the land.” The rest of the lines have to be found.” She pauses, and looks at the five others in the room. “I was hoping I’d have more time so that I may find more help, but will you all help me find the books so that we may use the prophecy and protect our world? It seems to for tell destruction and I do not wish for this land to be destroyed.”

A silence fills the room, as everyone looks at each other. The other woman speaks up, “Well you’ve got me, Alona,” Arla cheerfully speaks up.

You pause for a second. Is this the important mission you were to be sent on? Are these the people you were to protect? Questions run through your mind as you consider your choices, but you make your decision, “I’m not sure why I’m here, but may my axe protect you on this quest.” You then watch as the others subsequently join the cause.

“Then it’s decided, we set out at dawn!”


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