Changeling Artificer


Ability Scores: 00 Str, 00 Con, 00 Dex, 00 Int, 00 Wis, 00 Cha

Defenses: 00 AC, 00 Fort, 00 Ref, 00 Will

Movement: 00 Speed

Trained Skills:

At-Will Powers:

Encounter Powers:

Daily Powers:



Raki was raised by a poor, half-elf family in the town of Telford. When he began to question why he looked nothing like his brothers and sisters, his parents admitted that they found him by the town’s portal not knowing where he came from, but took care of him in case others would come looking for him, but none arrived.

When he was old enough, he helped tend to the crops of his family’s farm. One day, after returning to his home, he heard some commotion in the house. Investigating it, Raki found that thieves were robbing the house, while his foster mother and father were in the house tied up. Courage welling inside, he ran in, everything went blank after that.

After he awoke, the parents told him that he appeared as a powerful orc with an ax and threatened to kill the thieves. They immediately ran and after the commotion, the orc began to shift and turned into Raki. Concluding that this power was because of wherever he was sent from, he decided he wanted to train this power, and with his parent’s consent, left to train this ability and find where he came from.

Before the adventure

It has been a month since you left Telford and you’ve been searching the lands on your own. Your parents gave you as much money as they could along with the blanket that you were found in, and sent you away (see restful Blanket below). You found there were many people that would give you free lodging and food when you used your ability to change shape and soon bought yourself many clothes so that you may change your appearance greatly when needed.

You eventually learned of more things that you were capable of doing. You found that you were naturally able to work with the magic of items and manipulate them to your devices.

Your travels eventually had you end up in the town of Eryl. It was late in the day and your wandering eventually lead you to the crystal with a large crowd around it along with some Minstrels. Captivated by the music, you decided to join the crowd and see what the buzz was about. Looking towards the center, you saw a man dressed in red talking about how they can make the crystal grow in strength and a few other things, but you weren’t really paying attention for the music was delightful.

Then one bard stepped down from his platform and the speaker introduced their group one more time. “We are the Orchestral Army, and we shall cleanse the world with our song!” The speaker gave a bow as the minstrel spoke in a loud, clear voice, “Now watch as we perform the ritual that will be your salvation!”

After that, you just stood, staring at the crystal as the bard and the speaker helped each other draw symbols into the ground, preparing the ritual circle around the crystal while the other musicians continued their music. As they neared completion, the musicians stopped playing and walked to the back of a house as the lead bard followed. “And this is the end, may the Orchestral Army cleanse you of your sins and lead you to the path of salvation!” He then ran to the back of the building as the magic circle began to glow a brilliant light.

The glow grew brighter as you heard someone behind you yell “They’ve cast a powerful destruction ritual!” You wanted to run, but your legs wouldn’t budge, you must have been under some form of enchantment. Knowing this could be the end of you, you think of your parents and the life you decided to leave, but before regret could consume you, you felt a cold hand grab your arm as you were pulled away. Looking up, you noticed it was a warforged clad in heavy armor, dragging you towards a glowing doorway of light. Your savior then grabbed another person with his other arm as he jumped into the doorway.

You turn around and notice that you can see all that was outside, as a huge explosion engulfs where the crystal stood. You reactively cover your eyes to protect them as the explosion passes over you, knocking you down along with the rest of the group. After the smoke around the invisible box you are in clears, you notice the entire town has been destroyed. The people and the crystal that were once in the town center had been annihilated with the blast. “How… horrible,” One person speaks up, you look around you and notice everyone is as stunned as you are. Moments later, the mist is making its way through the town. Some panic, but a woman immediately calms them down and says we’d be okay while in this room for nothing can enter it. Some screams are heard in the distance, the few survivors that are now succumbing to the effects of the mist.

“A night sky full of cries,” the woman in the dark pink outfit says, as she lowers her head into her hands and makes a heavy sigh.

“Excuse me, but what just happened?” you ask, hoping someone can answer.

“People destroyed the town with a ritual,” one of the women said bluntly, “Now may I ask, who are you?”

You apologize and introduce yourself as everyone else subsequently gives their own introductions.

“Well it’s good that you jumped in when you did, you would have been part of the ruin out there” Arla sighs.

“What was that about `a night sky full of cries’?” you ask Alona, the woman that said it earlier.

She looks up to you and says, “it is part of a prophecy I am trying to find pieces of,” she pauses for a moment, “and we’re in the middle of it.”

Someone then speaks up, “what does the prophecy state?”

“The prophecy is broken up into pieces and hidden amongst books. So far I only have “A night sky full of cries” and “Those who’ve joined search the land.” The rest of the lines have to be found.” She pauses, and looks at the five others in the room. “I was hoping I’d have more time so that I may find more help, but will you all help me find the books so that we may use the prophecy and protect our world? It seems to for tell destruction and I do not wish for this land to be destroyed.”

A silence fills the room, as everyone looks at each other. The other woman speaks up, “Well you’ve got me, Alona,” Arla cheerfully speaks up.

You pause for a second. Could this be your destiny? Could this be the reason you left home, to save the world? It will be a heavy responsibility, but courage wells in you and you stand. “I’m in!” You state boldly, and watch as the others subsequently join the cause.

“Then it’s decided, we set out at dawn!”


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