The prophecy that is the main focus of the game started with Alona Yeagrath found information in a book by Edgar Swaloswan. Edgar had written several poetry books and each book contains one line of the prophecy as Alona claims. The lines of the prophecy are each hidden inside one of the poems, which Alona found the cipher to in her research of the first copy of the book.

The Prophecy

Arla eventually told the players that each book’s edition number indicates the line that it takes up in the prophecy. The line numbers have been added to each of the lines the PCs now know. So far, the adventurers have heard these lines:

1) A night sky full of cries.
2) Hearts filled with lies
3) Those who’ve joined search the land.

5) With Crystal in hand, venture the mist
6) Find soul of metal which madness resist

9) The oasis of void holds the key

20) Or disintegrate both land and faith


Corrupting Mist Gelatos