The Mist

The effects

The mist that covers the world after 10pm and stays until 6am the next day. People that venture into the mist become tainted by it’s evil and usually gain physical deformities such as ear scabs, shriveled flesh, and uncontrollable seizures. Others will gain mental symptoms which include becoming disoriented, hysterical, or murderous. Although, it is very common for both kinds of traits to appear.

Those that are evil seem to be unaffected by the mist’s effects, further linking the mist to dark powers at work.

The boundary

A large area filled with the mist, located in western Altria. It’s extremely dense, making it hard to see through and its mist corrupts much faster than normal. On top of this, it also resides all day, meaning exploration in it is suicide.


It is possible to remove taint from one’s body through the use of rituals. Using the ritual “Remove Taint,” a level 8 ritual, taint can be removed so that any afflictions on the recipient due to taint are removed. The ritual is expensive though and only powerful ritual casters can cast such a ritual.

Corrupted Races

Those that have reached a threshold beyond mild taint have more difficulty removing all the taint from their body. When the ritual is cast, the taint alters the person’s body, changing them into a Tiefling. Those with elven blood (Elves, Eladin, and Half-Elves) instead are given darkened skin and become Drow. It is currently unknown if it is possible to reverse these body changes.

Another curious case of corrupted races is the Shifter. The Shifter is a unique case in that the person had been bitten by a lycanthrope but resisted the effects of lycanthropy. Instead, the mist entered the wound and with the mix of the lycanthropy disease and the mist, the character’s body changed permanently into that of the shifter. Like the Tiefling and Drow, it is currently impossible to revert back to their original form.

The Mist

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