Elven Ranger


Ability Scores: 10 Str, 13 Con, 20 Dex, 10 Int, 15 Wis, 08 Cha

Defenses: 17 AC, 12 Fort, 16 Ref, 12 Will

Movement: 07 Speed

Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dungeoneering, Perception, Stealth

At-Will Powers: Twin strike, Nimble strike, Hunter’s quarry

Encounter Powers: Elven accuracy, Two-fanged strike

Daily Powers: Hunter’s bear trap



Linthalor grew up in the city of Altria, living the life of the poor. One day when he was in his early teens, his parents had disappeared, forcing him to live on the streets, Lint made his way in life by stealing from others to get his daily food.

One day, he attempted to pick pocket a man that looked particularly wealthy. As the hand slipped into the man’s pocket, his wrist was grabbed as he heard “you know, you shouldn’t pick pocket. Keep quiet or I’ll chop off your hand” in his ear. Obeying the command, the child pulled his hand out of the pocket and allowed the man to guide them, not knowing what was going to happen- if he took him somewhere unknown he would scream.

They ended up in a bar, where the man sat Lint down and explained that he was a mercenary named Dirk. He thought the child had some decent reflexes and could learn to fight, offering to train the child. He accepted his offer, it couldn’t be any worse than being a street urchin.

After years of training under the mercenary and accompanying him on missions, Linthalor found a liking to the magical artifacts that Dirk would find while exploring caves, or was offered as payment for missions. The magic found in these items was intriguing and was the driving force to why he left Dirk to become a mercenary on his own. To unlock the mysteries of the world and collect as many magical artifacts and information as he could possibly gather.

Before the adventure

You look up at the sign before you, “The Adventuring Elf- Eryl’s finest tavern,” it reads and you give a little smirk. “I guess I’ll see if I can get my first job here,” you think to yourself, it hasn’t been a week since you left Dirk to become a mercenary on your own. As soon as you enter the door, you see this young woman in a pink outfit standing before everyone asking for people to help her and pleading with everyone. You instantly think of how lucky you are, it’s like the missions are just coming straight to you. You instantly raise your voice, “What’s your price?!”

“Don’t do it kid, she’s totally nuts,” the man closest to the door speaks up. “She’s been here speaking of prophecy and other whack job ideas. She’s just trouble and asks a lot, don’t bother.” You shrug him off, it can’t be that bad.

The woman seems happy that you said you’d help her, and walks over to you while grabbing your arm. “Let’s walk and talk,” she tells you while pulling you out the door while shrugging and following along. “They know nothing, those morons,” she looks back at the cavern in disgust. “But I’m glad that you may cooperate,” she looks at you and smiles. “Oh, my name is Alona, what is yours?”

Linthalor responded with his name, then ask, “and what is it that you want me to do? Guard you while you speak with enemies? Protect you from thieves at night?”

“No, none of that.” She says with a smirk.

“Find relics in caves…” You say in a lower tone. These have been your favorite type of missions Dirk was hired for, mostly because you enjoyed seeing the relic with its innate magical ability. Problem is, very few trusted mercenaries with this kind of job and thus he never seen many of these. He gave a final sigh, as he knew this was not meant to happen.

“Well kinda,” she says and your heart pounds. This will be an exciting quest yet. She then continues to explain what she means. She explains that there is a sort of prophecy whose 20 lines are written in 20 different books of poetry, and she wants help finding them because often each book is found in dangerous locations, and it’d be of great help to her if she had more people to track the books down.

“Books, eh?” You think to yourself. Books aren’t all that exciting and your enthusiasm began to drop. “So what’s your price and I also want some payment upfront.”

“Well, I don’t really have any gold on me at the moment, but I am willing to part with this,” She holds out a small globe that glows brightly. “It’s called a sun globe and is able to shed light in about a 25-50 ft. radius.” She then says “Blow out” and the light diminishes. “Will you accept this?”

You look at the orb, which would be your first magic item and you think about it. “What about after this payment?”

“Oh right,” she blushes out of embarrassment, “I’ll be willing to pay you 250 gold if you succeed in finding one book that I will give you directions to. If you’re successful, I’m willing to pay you more, money isn’t a problem with me.”

“I’ve hit the jackpot,” you think to yourself. If she has access to all this money, maybe she can get you more items. At this point you’ve reached the town center, signified by the crystal that stands in the middle of it, as with all other towns. A crowd has gathered around it with some men preaching in front, a bard stands there accompanying the speech with music. “Who’d start a commotion like this at this hour of the night?” you think to yourself, but then brush the thought away. A woman walks over to your employer.

“This is Arla, my assistant. She will travel with you to make sure you accomplish your mission.”

“Glad to meet you,” the woman looks over to you and smiles.

“So what is this prophecy that you’re looking for?” You ask curiously.

“…I’m not quite-“ and at that moment the crash of thunder is heard, deafening your ears, and when you look back, you see a Genasi has bumped into Alona and both are on the ground.

“Stop, Thief!” The Genasi yells as the man in red he was chasing ran off beyond the crowd around you. You then realize something, his attire looks a lot like the ones the men preaching were wearing. Looking back over to do them, you notice your employer staring in horror towards the crystal.

“They’ve cast a powerful destruction ritual!” She yells, pulling out a dagger and outlines a doorway in the air before her as the dagger creates a glowing trail. She grabs the Genasi and jumps in the door.

“Get in!” Arla yells as she jumps toward the door. Suddenly you feel the metal hand of a warforged grab your arm as it pulls you into the doorway. You turn around and notice that you can see all that was outside, as a huge explosion engulfs where the crystal stood. You reactively cover your eyes to protect them as the explosion passes over you, knocking you down along with the rest of the group. After the smoke around the invisible box you are in clears, you notice the entire town has been destroyed. The people and the crystal that were once in the town center had been annihilated with the blast.

“How… horrible,” One person speaks up, you look around you and notice everyone is as stunned as you are. Moments later, the mist is making its way through the town. Some panic, but Arla immediately calms them down and says we’d be okay while in this room for nothing can enter it. Some screams are heard in the distance, the few survivors that are now succumbing to the effects of the mist.

“A night sky full of cries,” the woman in the dark pink outfit says, as she lowers her head into her hands and makes a heavy sigh.

“What just happened?” someone asks, hoping someone can answer.

“People destroyed the town with a ritual,” Arla said bluntly, “Now may I ask, who are you?” He apologizes and introduces himself as everyone else subsequently gives their own introductions.

“What was that about `a night sky full of cries’?” you ask Alona, the woman that said it earlier.

She looks up to you and says, “it is part of a prophecy I am trying to find pieces of,” she pauses for a moment, “and we’re in the middle of it.”

Someone then speaks up, “what does the prophecy state?”

“The prophecy is broken up into pieces and hidden amongst books. So far I only have “A night sky full of cries” and “Those who’ve joined search the land.” The rest of the lines have to be found.” She pauses, and looks at the five others in the room. “I was hoping I’d have more time so that I may find more help, but will you all help me find the books so that we may use the prophecy and protect our world? It seems to for tell destruction and I do not wish for this land to be destroyed.”

A silence fills the room, as everyone looks at each other. The other woman speaks up, “Well you’ve got me, Alona,” Arla cheerfully speaks up.

Considering the explosion that just happened, you feel shaken. It seems you’ve hooked yourself up with an adventure that was far bigger than a simple book recovery. You hesitate for a second but then reassure yourself, “Well, you’ve already hired me, it’s no time to back out now.” You then watch as the others subsequently join the cause.

“Then it’s decided, we set out at dawn!”


Corrupting Mist Linthalor